Snidbits EMP

A collection of snidbits and pieces from the sands of time, assembled and stitched up by this guy. All keys- digital, analog, actual and chromatic – are “in house” as well. ArtWork and Design of Cover- ALP Jamie Fulcher *Drums on Waystation – David “Papi” Fimbres * Glimpse The Design and Sentient Outreach were recorded […]

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Augustine’s Citadel Of 4D Fury

Some Psyche Prog to Taze the Faze……packaged neatly in the form of a mixtape.  Sit back and embark on a sound journey that will drag you through the depths of psyche, punk, hippie, Axelrod, Urusei Yatsura, Steve Miller/E*Rock, Animal Stitches, Gone Beyond Syd Barrett, the can, Damo Suzuki, Neil Merryweather, Xtro, Futura Tesoro, Defuser, Terrence McKenna, […]

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A fast-moving UFO was recorded on the International Space Station camera on January 11th and some reports are referring to it as a “Fast Walker”. The tune streaked by extremely fast. Single frames from the audio show what appears to be a missile heading possibly towards Earth. It was traveling at 22,000 mph and was […]

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Faded Polaroids

My first solo foray into the digital video realms. To find an analogue to sound for the eyes, a story old as time itself, but give it an extra two minutes after what seems like an eternity, connection is made. As always I give respect to my partner for pointing me in the right direction […]

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Synchro System

On the edge of reason and comfortable assumptions an enormous variety of forms will blink in and out of existence. Among these marginalized creatures you’ll find the Animal Stitches. Music of this sort amounts to the creation of ruptures in an attempt to short circuit the destruction of the word virus. “The only thing not […]

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TED E. Variations

Like TED Talks? So did I. When first watching I was definitely appreciative of the quality of speakers and worthwhile subject matters, even if I found the short running time and format leading to over simplification and a certain self congratulatory attitude. Recently I was half way through a talk from one of my personal […]

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Transitions part 2

A recent blend of some oldies, newies, and some of my own production thrown in for good measure. Watch out for the late Dr. Karla Turner in the mix along with Unknown 505 and Kambiz taking us home.    

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