Augustine’s Ctadel Of 4-D Fury



Some Psyche Prog to Taze the Faze……


Faded Polaroids – Music And Images from Animal Stitches {}


My first solo foray into the digital realms. To find an analogue to sound for the eyes, a story old as time itself, but give it an extra two minutes after what seems like an eternity, connection is made. As always I give respect to my partner for pointing me in the right direction via the constant chromatic shifts both in and without, Burroughs as always for the cut up/ recontextualization of the Logical Orange Gander Of Salience that has continued to bolster all endeavors, Legba for being a big ass crab, Sun Ra and the Arkestra of Destiny, Chad Vangaalen for being a rad and inspiring renaissance type dude ie. making rad music and amazing videos at the same time. Books- Check em’out.

*somewhere in Barcelona Spain 2014… invitation to sit down at the table and watch the game unfold once again…..

Animal Stitches – Synchro System

Animal Stitches – Synchro System

On the edge of reason and comfortable assumptions an enormous variety of forms will blink in and out of existence. Among these marginalized creatures you’ll find the Animal Stitches. Music of this sort amounts to the creation of ruptures in an attempt to short circuit the destruction of the word virus. ” The only thing not prerecorded in a prerecorded universe is the prerecording itself which is to say any recording that contains a random factor.” ~William Seward Burroughs

Animal Stitches- the moniker that conjures images of enraged sea beasts and uprocking space elves in equal measure. A name self given in accordance to any amount of marginalized digestive information. With a background degree in script flipping technologies and the heart of a terrestrial badger , he began making satisfaction frequencies in 2006 in Portland, Oregon-Cascadia with a project called Break Character, which saw him releasing an album and touring the West Coast of Untied States. His lineage can be traced back to New Mexico, however, where the early rumblings of frequent collaborator and explorer Gone Beyond introduced him to the mysteries of vinyl consciousness. He disappeared in Mexico for four years, and was said to have been researching cumbia cult / Mayan poly-world dimensional technology along with that Tercer Milenio steez that appears to be one of the only constants in this Bio. Reports surfaced where witnesses described seeing him playing on the pacific beachfront, with the rockers of Grandmama Guadalajara, and the Yucatecan funk warriors of Los Santos Domingazos, as well as running a gallery bar and performance space in Merida. (Updated w/ ed. note): Continuing upload process from Iberian Metropolis of Barcelona along with the partners in crime at Ambergris Studios. Contact at Gorgon Accumulator or for all bookings and inquiries.

टायरों प्रणाली samfasa kerfa

Made In Collaboration with Jamie Fulcher and Ambergris Studios Inc. 2013 BCN

TED e. Ruckspin Variations

Like TED Talks? So did I. When first watching I was definitely appreciative of the quality of speakers and worthwhile subject matters, even if I found the short running time and format leading to over simplification and a certain self congratulatory attitude. Recently I was half way through a talk from one of my personal favorite research scientists- Graham Hancock. I came back three days later and it had been removed from the TED site and Youtube. A little bit of research showed that the organization had decided to censor not only Hancock, but another guest from the same session named Rupert Sheldrake, whom you might know from his ground braking theory of Morphic Resonance. Remember this specific TED session was called ” Challenging Existing Paradigms”. Both of these talks did exactly that.The reasoning given by the organisation was that both of these “pseudo” (their word) scientists engaged in dangerous speculation and heretical idea mongering. TED very reluctantly posted the videos again a few weeks later after barely acknowledging the huge outcry from those that follow these things. Even now they are not part of the TED youtube site at all and are relegated to some obscure backwater in the TED website that you need a password to get into.
The entire point of Sheldrake’s speech was attacking those very dogmas that Western Science holds especially dear and which so inhibit any kind of holistic understanding. And the group of people that asked him to share his “ideas worth spreading” found those notions too difficult to understand and acknowledge, hence performing the knee jerk response of our fragmented psyche to remove anything that doesn’t agree with what we already think we know or expect to happen. Going further into my research( clicking on Youtube links) found this video of Eddie Huang from VICE on the Joe Rogan show describing his week with the Southern California cult known as TED. They sound pretty fucked up to say the least. Not to say that many ( if not almost all ) of the talks and guests are interesting and worthwhile, but for any organisation within the realms of scientific discourse to deem themselves Guardians OF True Knowledge is sad and a little dangerous. PS- I loved the Rodney Mullen talk, but I would not exactly have thought about it as hard science.


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I have nothing but admiration and respect for the artists represented herewith, enjoy